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Lynn Frock & Company brings to your organization expertise that only 45 years experience coupled with continuing education can provide.  Using an approach that has repeatedly helped our customers improve their ability to plan and control their projects, we will help you implement the structure and processes you need and the use of Microsoft Project to manage your schedules.

You may need better control of a single project - to understand impacts of slippage, or over-loaded resources, inter-project dependencies, scope change or modified priorities.  Perhaps it is time to apply this better control to many projects, in the form of a full scheduling and reporting system.  Your needs drive a planned approach.

To help you achieve your goals, we will work with you to help you better understand how to use Microsoft Project.  We can also help you broaden your project management practices and techniques, through careful selection of project management courses.  

We will provide the support you need to become self-reliant. Our goal is to transfer the skill and knowledge you need and then move on.


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