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Projects don't exist in isolation from each other or the rest of an organization.

Projects compete for scarce resources. There are inter-project deliverable and resource dependencies. Resource over-allocation can occur when resources are shared across multiple projects. Market and internal demands force relative priorities for completion.

These interactions bring risks. Risks that must be understood in time to avoid those that will do unacceptable harm to your projects - and your organization.

Microsoft Project can be the core of a scheduling and reporting system that helps you understand the consequences of these interactions. You can then make informed management decisions in a timely manner and continue this a regular basis.

Microsoft Project Server can enhance the ease of use of your scheduling system - without requiring that most stakeholders have extensive knowledge of Microsoft Project.

Lynn Frock & Company will help you set up and use this scheduling system to simulate the effects of both changes in project priorities, or adding / removing projects.

And you can use this scheduling system to provide information to those stakeholders having a organizational focus, as well as the stakeholders whose interests are primarily at the project level.


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